Latest Lecture in Canadian Federalism Series: ‘The Challenges of Education and Student Mobility in Canada and the European Union’

On Friday, 15 November, as part of the lecture series exploring Canadian federalism sponsored by the Foundation for Canadian Studies in the UK, CCCUʼs Politics and International Relations Department in the Faculty of Applied Social Sciences hosted a lecture entitled ‘The Challenges of Education and Student Mobility in Canada and the European Union’. Presented in tandem fashion by Professor Dr Robert Summerby-Murray, Dean of Arts and Social Sciences from the University of Dalhousie in Canada, and our very own Dr Amelia Hadfield, Senior Lecturer in Politics and IR, this proved a popular event, attracting students and staff from CCCU and beyond.



Making use of their own quantitative and qualitative research on the topic, and bringing their long-standing expertise in these areas to bear on the findings, Professor Dr Robert Summerby-Murray and Dr Hadfield highlighted a variety of interesting themes and trends on the ‘geography of youth’, the dynamics of youth identity formation in connection to mobility programmes like Erasmus, the connection between education and political identity enhancement in both the EU and Canada, as well as a comparison of EU and Canadian education policies This was followed by a lively discussion, entered into by students who had participated on the Erasmus programme, and those interested in finding out more about its various purposes. 


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