Come study with us! New MSc by Research

MSc by Research in the Faculty of Social and Applied Sciences

Expression of Interest Form for 2014-15 Academic Year

The faculty will be starting a new MSc by Research in a range of subject areas, beginning in September 2014.  

  • The MSc will run from September 1, 2014 to August 31, 2015. 
  • The fee for the MSc will be in the region of £4500. 
  • A MSc by Research will require you to pass 180 credits
  • 60 credits taught across 3 modules during the first term
  • 120 credits will be based on research outputs over the remainder of the year.

If you are interested in doing a MSc in 2014-15 please complete the form.  Note – this is not an application form.  However, once your interest has been reviewed,  you may be asked to complete an application form.



Current Address:

Current Programme(s) and Department(s):

Subject Area of Intended Study / Research:

Name of Proposer*:


*The proposer should be a member of academic staff on the programme(s) in which you are enrolled currently, or in which you were enrolled recently.  The proposer should have some familiarity with your academic progress to date.  The Proposer may also be a sponsor/employer who is likely to fund the candidate.


Please return a copy of this form to your Proposer and Email a copy to the Programme Director for the MSc, Dr Daniel Donoghue at


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