Workshop of newly founded research group: Energy and Governance

The first workshop of the newly-inaugurated Energy and Governance Group: taking place on Thursday, 12 June, from 2-4pm, in Laud G16, North Holmes Road Campus.

Energy and governance are fast moving policies, as well as speedily developing research areas. Drawing together leading experts from both the UK and Europe, this opening workshop is designed to give a broad overview of the major trends in both UK and EU energy governance, as well as examining areas of emerging research in this area. The workshop is primarily aimed at CCCU staff and graduate students who teach and/or research on any topics connected to energy governance, sustainable development, environmental studies, energy security, etc.

Generously supported by CCCU QR Funding, as well as the Global Governance Institute of Brussels, and opened by Dean Janet Haddock-Fraser, the workshop will include presentations by 3 guest speakers, and 2 guest discussants, along with a rapporteur who will be transforming the presentations/ Q&A into a series of publicly available Briefing Notes.  I very much look forward to welcoming you, your colleagues, and available associates who you feel may be interested in this inaugural workshop.  The themes are salient, the challenges considerable, and the Group’s envisaged activities robustly supportive of the broader work on Sustainable Development being done here at CCCU.


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