Politics and IR Senior Lecturer Trains Armenian Diplomatic Corps

In May 2014, Senior Lecturer in Politics/IR, Dr Amelia Hadfield undertook another round of external teaching on Foreign Policy Analysis on behalf of the College of Europe and the European Union in the framework of the project ‘Support to capacity and institution building of the Diplomatic Academy in Armenia’. This entailed five days of intensive teaching at the Diplomacy School of Armenia in Yerevan on a wide range of foreign policy, international relations and EU foreign affairs.


(Dr. Hadfield at the centre of attention in Armenia!)

Aside from the huge enthusiasm of the students, and the chance to contribute to diplomatic capacity building, most memorable was the final simulation exercise. During this intense 1-hour summit, the students – working in groups representing all the states of the region, plus the EU, managed with great skill and tact, to ‘negotiate’ the restoration of full Turkish-Armenian diplomatic relations. If the training can stick, and these young minds remain open, it’s a great indication of future possibilities for peace and security in the region!


(For the diplomatic summit simulation students had to make their own Azerbaijani flag as none are available in Armenia)


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