Dr Amelia Hadfield awarded Senior fellowship of the Higher Education Academy

Dr Amelia Hadfield, Senior Lecturer in Politics and International Relations has recently been awarded a Senior Fellowship of the Higher Education Academy (HEA), based on the range of teaching and learning expertise that she has accrued in the past decade. The HEA is a core part of the professionalisation of teachers and lecturers in the UK, and assists staff, both junior and senior, in moving up through a series of qualifications, based on their general teaching practices and their specific area of interest.



Dr Hadfield was made an HEA Fellow upon completion of her PGCHE (Postgraduate Certificate in Higher Education) at the University of Kent, in 2008. On the basis of cutting-edge module development, blended learning, internationalisation elements, and interactive teaching via simulation games undertaken in teaching in the UK, Europe and beyond, she has now been accorded a Senior Fellowship. With support from Dr Marion Stuart-Hoyle, from the School of Human and Life Sciences and John Lea, Head of Academic Professional Development, Dr Hadfield becomes the first member of the Politics and International Relations team to obtain this distinction.

Amelia said “I feel very honoured that the HEA supports the development of cutting-edge pedagogy, particularly the undergraduate modules in EU Studies that I’ve been fortunate enough to develop, in tandem with the Politics and International Relations team, here at Christ Church.”



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