Politics and IR Programme Participates in Innovative Live WebTV Programme

As part of the Programme’s relationship with the civil society organisation GlobalNet21, a live WebTV event was run on Wednesday 10th of December.  The topic was food scarcity and it was further organised with the assistance of the British Council.

photo 1
The live stream with PowerPoint Slides, video from other participants and textbox of questions


Our resident expert on GMO foods and global public policy Dr. Sarah Lieberman gave a 20 minute lecture on Food Scarcity that was broadcast live over the internet via the GlobalNet21 website.  Individuals who logged on to the website were then able to ask questions to Dr. Lieberman via a text box on the site.  Additionally with the aid of microphones our students who had studied this topic in depth for two weeks added their own questions and arguments which were audible and visible to the WebTV programme.

photo 2
Our students making a point via a microphone over the live stream


As a first attempt at a live WebTV programme it was a qualified success.  There were over 100 online participants from across the globe who experienced the expertise of our staff and the enthusiasm of our students.  The next live WebTV programme will take place on January 15th with Peter Hain MP on the topic of UK constitutional reform.  Our students will generate online video content to contextualise the issue while our expert on British politics Dr. Mark Bennister will provide expert analysis.

Webinar slides for FS


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