Taking Back Control – From whom and to what end?

Dr Laura Cashman

Last week I attended a play at the Marlowe Theatre billed as a “post-Brexit satire about what it’s like to be treated as a foreigner in your own land”.

Octopus may have been a dystopian fantasy when writer and producer Asfaneh Grey conceived the play but a year after the EU Referendum, it feels far too close to reality for comfort. The sharpness of the script and the talent of the actresses evoked the dark humour, fear and sadness which permeate the discussions I’ve been having with EU migrants and British citizens, who worry about what our post-Brexit future has in store for us all.

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Politics and IR Scholar Quoted in Financial Times Article

Politics and International Relations Senior Lecturer Dr. Laura Cashman is quoted in this Financial Times article on the rise of anti-Romaism in Europe. Dr. Cashman is currently working on a CCCU funded project with her colleague Dr. John FitzGibbon gathering data on anti-Romaism in Populist Parties across Europe.  They will present their findings at the ECPR General Conference in Glasgow this September.