Green Party Leader Presents at Canterbury

On the 28th January Green Party Leader Ms Natalie Bennett visited Canterbury Christ Church University to give a lecture on the Green Party alternative for British politics.  

Firstly, Ms Bennett kindly gave an hour for a question and answers session with Canterbury Politics and International Relations students.  The questions were tough from the students, dealing mostly with how the Greens would implement their policies on rail nationalisation, renewable energy targets and increased taxes.  There were also more broader questions on her experience as a woman in politics and the role of the Greens in British politics.Image

(Ms Bennett answering questions from Canterbury Politics and International Relations Students)

From 6.15 pm to 7.30 pm Ms Bennett gave a lecture on what the Green Party stands for and its alternatives for Britain.  She gave a strong critique of the current government in relation to its policies which she believe promote social inequality and environmental destruction.  In challenging what she termed the Russell Brand ‘don’t vote it only encourages them’ view of politics she urged the 100+ attendees to give the Greens a chance at the European elections this May.  


There was a great turnout from both Canterbury Christ Church students and members of the community and a very lively question and answers session. Again most of the questions were focused on the substance of Green policies and how they would be implemented.  Ms Bennett gave unashamedly ecological and left-wing solutions to the various issues facing Britain – tuition fees, flooding, social inequality, social housing, economic development – and her honest and straightforward answers were much appreciated by the audience.


(Questions from the floor)

With her earlier appearance on the BBC Daily Politics and the potential for the Greens to make an electoral ‘breakthrough’ in the European Parliamentary elections, Ms Bennett is travelling around the country raising the profile of the party.  Much focus has been given over to another minority party, UKIP, of late.  It will be interesting if similar coverage will be given to a minority party on the left, with a female leader and an MP in the House of Commons.  Image

(Ms Bennett with Canterbury students and members of the public)


Green Party Leader To Speak on ‘The Green Alternative – Economy, Society, Environment’

Natalie Bennett, the leader of the Green Party will speak as part of the Making Politics Matter lecture series at Canterbury Christ Church University. Making Politics Matter is organised by staff and students of Politics and International Relations at Canterbury Christ Church University, and aims to exchange political knowledge between academics, politicians and the communities which those who they claim to represent.

Natalie Bennett will speak on the ‘green alternative’ exploring the relationship of this debate to wider economic and societal issues.

The session will take place at Canterbury Christ Church University at 6pm on Tuesday 28 January 2014. Location: Old Sessions House – Michael Berry Lecture Theatre (Og46).


Natalie Bennett Profile (via

Natalie Bennett was elected the leader of The Green Party of England and Wales on September 3, 2012.

Born in Sydney, Australia, she has lived in London since 1999.

She started her career as a journalist in rural New South Wales and has worked for the Bangkok Post, the Telegraph, the Independent, The Times and, most recently, as editor of Guardian Weekly.

Natalie obtained a degree in agricultural science from the University of Sydney, making her the only political leader in the country with a scientific background.

She spent two years in Bangkok working with the National Commission on Women’s Affairs, on its report to the UN Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination Against Women. She also worked as a consultant with the International Labor Organisation (ILO) on child labour issues and World Health Organization (WHO) on women’s health.

A trustee of the Fawcett Society, Britain’s pre-eminent women’s issues group, she was the founder of the blog Carnival of Feminists and is an active campaign on women’s issues.

Within the party she’s been an active worker on policy, on issues ranging from the abolition of the Corporation of the City of London to abortion rights, proportional liability on the roads to job-share MPs and a 40% quota for women on major company boards, the treatment of women offenders and the rights of asylum-seekers and sex workers.

Natalie served as the internal communications coordinator for the party from September 2007-2010 and was the founding chair of Green Party Women. Living in Somers Town, central London, she is a local community campaigner and is an active member of the People’s Supermarket Co-operative.